Martha Henry sitting at a table, hands gesturingIn Persistent Self, a sort of Buddhist blog, Martha Henry writes about meditation, neuroscience, and how our sense of self is real, yet illusory. Originally from Portland, Maine, she now writes and sometimes meditates in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Certainly, too much focus on oneself is a recipe for misery; valuing it too highly is a vice (alas, an all-too-common one). But this does not entitle us to conclude that we ought to—or even can—dispense altogether with a concept of self, and with thinking in terms of it. For there remains the fact that I am, after all, something enduring: persisting through time and change, whether my hair is short of long, my eyesight good or failing, my memory quick or muddled. Persisting through change, I am the haver of my thoughts, the bearer of my changing desires, the enjoyer of my pleasures, the sufferer of my pains.”
Indian Buddhist Philosophy, Amber D. Carpenter